World Heritage UK 3rd Annual Conference | 9th-10th October

The third annual conference of World Heritage UK, in association with the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham will take place from 9-10 October at the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge Gorge, where practitioners will join to explore the many ways to communicate World Heritage to different audiences.

The event will be preceded (7-8 October) by a special international meeting to discuss research and global policy focusing on the communication of World Heritage values and will take place within the Ironbridge Gorge which, in 1986, became one of the first UK sites to be awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

During the annual conference delegates will hear from some of the most influential Leaders in Heritage before considering the key audiences to target in a series of session themes. It is important that we understand how we can best communicate with ‘Governments and the Public Sector’, talk to ‘Business and Funders’, and address the needs of ‘Young People and Communities’, as well as how we communicate with each other (World Heritage Sites, Europe and the UNESCO family) and with the wider world, including the media.

“World Heritage in the UK has a surprisingly low profile and one of the key objectives of our organisation is to improve that situation. Our 31 World Heritage Sites are Britain’s contribution to the cultural and natural wonders of the world and a significant contributor to the economy, yet most people are unaware of their importance or location. There is confusion over branding, and mixed messages from technical language. This conference will helps us get to grips with some of the challenges and to forge a way forward to achieve clarity and greater understanding.”          

Chris Mahon, Development Director, World Heritage UK

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