First Speakers Announced | Draft Programme Online

We’re very excited to announce that the draft programmes for all four days of the joint conference have been released by both World Heritage UK and the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage. You can take a look or download a copy by using the link here

We’re also excited to announce the first of our Keynote speakers, Marielle Richon, Michael Di Giovine and Sarah May, who will be speaking during the first two days of the conference as part of the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage for Cultural Heritage programme (7th & 8th October). It’s great to have them on board and you can learn more about them here.

There is still plenty to more exciting news to announce so keep an eye on the website for more speakers, events and registration information. In particular, keep an eye out for news from World Heritage UK who will be announcing a fantastic line up of speakers for their annual conference (9th & 10th October), which takes place as part of the joint event.

We can announce, though, that all four of our Workshops on the 7th and the 8th of October have confirmed their full line-ups with papers exploring everything from Orkney to the communities of Kenya and Timbuktu. Sites and landscapes up for discussion include the mining regions of the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří and Blaenavon, the cathedral city of Durham, the mudflats and sands of the Wadden Sea and many more. Thank you to everyone who responded to our Call for Papers, there were lots of fantastic submissions that helped us put together a programme with speakers from across the world and a fantastic range of topics.


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